Industries at Kalyani

It was the dream of the first Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy to build up Kalyani as a unique township with the perfect blending of industry and ecology. The famous Chittaranjan Locomotive was to be established in Kalyani. Some residential quarters were also built up for the employers of the proposed organisation.

Today Kayani has a full-fledged industrial area known as "Silpanchal" that aids in unhindered and smooth running of industries. A large number of people earn their livelihood from Silpanchal.

In different blocks of Kalyani numerous industries with varying capacities are in operation as listed below, some of whom have won world-wide recognition.

  • IFL (International Ferrites Limited)
  • Kalyani Spinning Mills Ltd.
  • Indian Oil Corporation
  • Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd
  • Ellenbery Industrial Gas Company
  • Kalyani Breweries
  • K.R.Steel
  • Ramswarup Industries
  • Tele Linc Nicco
  • National Rubber Manufacture
  • Kalyani Feed Milling Plant
  • Dabur
  • Bengal Ferro Alloy Steel
  • Papairous Paper Ltd.
  • Dr.Bake & Co.
  • Factory of Wood Industry
  • Colmac Chemical Ltd.
  • Tega India Ltd.
  • Rupnarayan Paper Mills Ltd.
  • Concast Products Ltd.
  • India Pvt.Ltd.
  • Stain House India Pvt.Ltd.
  • Gloria Chemical Industries Ltd.
  • Perfect Steel Ltd.(Belting Division)
  • Websem Ltd.
  • Kanoriawis Skeension Centrifugal Ltd.
  • U.I.C. Wire Ltd.

The major enterprises in Kalyani today include the Engineering and Belting Divisions of Andrew Yule, Kalyani Breweries, Dabur, and West Bengal Filaments and Lamps.



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